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12 December 2006

Defence of my bachelor

Finally my bachelor dissertation has been hand over to the university on schedule of course. The defence of my bachelor degree is now well-done too. I got an A for an excellent defence; a very good presentation, which did put the subject very-well into perspective.

The subject was evaluating software architecture with the usage of architectural design decisions. The evaluation was primary based on ATAM, where the ATAM method has been slightly modified.

I would like to give my thanks to the people, who were an important support to me and especially a thanks to my advisor associate professor Klaus Marius Hansen and my fellow student Jesper Palm Mortensen for encouraging me to finish the thesis in time and also for helping me producing the work.

My gratitude to all people that were supporting me and helping me at the university of Aarhus and at Ementor Denmark A/S.

Download presentation


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You are welcome :-)

17 September, 2007 12:09  

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