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24 May 2008

Another two gentlemen in Milan

During the time May 16. - 18. 2008, another two gentlemen have had a cloudy and rainy 48 hours stay in Milan. Luckily, when two gentlemen are abroad, a few clouds and rain are not enough to ruin the stay. They have really been enjoying the stay and visited "a few" bars especially the ones located at corso como. Secondly, it is really a pleasure to have a real italian pizza with a thin bottom and a delicious topping served with a good cold italian white wine. Italy is indeed the country of pasta and pizza.

During the stay "unfortunately" not everything went as expected. We did try to "hunt down" a few pints of Guinness, but both gentlemen had to realise that it was not the country of Guinness. With all respect we did find a substitute, another irish stout, but that was of course not the same as Guinness and we own Arthur Guinness an apology for that.


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