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04 November 2008

Christmas beer is going to be released soon

Under normal circumstances Wednesday the 5. November 2008 at 11:59 pm would be the day where the Christmas beer is going to be released, but it has been rescheduled for some years ago because of the schools. We have all have been looking forward to that Wednesday and now we have to wait two more days.

Friday the 7. November 2008

I'll strongly emphasis that Wednesday and Friday is not the same, they don't even start with the same letter. The schools felt offended because of the empty class rooms the following Thursday, but I don't find that as a legal reason to move a red-letter day. You don't move christmas eve or Constitution Day just because they occur in the middle of the week, you adjust!

There are several remedies to ensure the students will be in the class rooms the following day such as a mandatory assignment followed by an oral presentation, which is highly weighed in the regular grades. In the other words, the schools just have to think out of the box.


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