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31 January 2014

Article published about architectural reconstruction

An article that concerns architectural reconstruction has been published after a lot of hard- and dedicated work.

Jess Nielsen and Michael Lykke
DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2013.1267.1273
Journal of Computer Science
Volume 9, Issue 10
Pages 1267-1273

An abstract of the article
An understanding of a system's software architecture is central to successful system modifications. In the fortunate cases, the architecture is well understood as the original software architect and lead developers are responsible for maintenance. However, often systems must be modified based upon incomplete architectural information due to staff changes and incomplete or outdated documentation. In this case, software architecture reconstruction is vital in order to re-establish overview and understanding of the software architecture. In this study, we report on a tool analysis where the goal is to clarify the correctness of a number of tools which offer such architectural reconstruction.


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