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29 June 2006

Connection Pool Lib

When establishing a connection to a database, we all know that it can be a time consuming process. The reason why using a connection pool, which is one of the most fundamental software components; it is therefore primary because of latency for that particular process. A connection pool holds a bundle of connections, which never will be released unless the pool is closed.

The connection pool can now be downloaded as a .NET assembly.

Download PDF Download AssemblyDownload Lib

28 June 2006

Building Secure Applications

The following article is a publication that describes a few guidelines, which should be followed when building secure applications.

A strong-named assembly containing hooks to a RC4 Crypto engine and a cryptographic hashing algorithm using salts can be downloaded. (Not yet completely tested) Please notice, the crypto interface is now prepared for other algorithms.

Download PDFDownload Assembly


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