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19 April 2013

BING, what kind of name is that?

Why did Microsoft name their search engine "BING"?

The answer to this question is simple and it has been public available for a long time. The acronym B.I.N.G. stands for "Because It's Not Google". :)


12 April 2013

Fever stick?

What on earth is a fever stick??? I can not guess what it is, if it is not a thermometer and I do not think that a thermometer has any resemblance to a stick!

First, a stick is much longer than a thermometer. Second, a stick something is something you can rely on, which is not physically possible with a thermometer.

Further, you cannot say that a dear child has many names, because I do not think there are many who like to have taken the temperature in the butt ... or even to have a stick up in the butt for that matter ...

The reason for the use of the word "fever stick" can, of course be that he / she cannot remember that it's called a thermometer ... but where is the association to "stick"?


04 April 2013

Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola Zero, try it before your neighbor and taste the difference.

Zero sugar, zero taste and zero cola!